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Compost Relay – This game gets you up and moving, while teaching you how to create a healthy compost pile. Who can be the first to make a pile using the right ingredients, while leaving out things that can’t be composted? (En español)

Dissect a Seed – Ever wondered what’s inside of a seed? Where do plants come from, and how does a tiny seed make a big plant? You can do your own experiment at home to find out!

Field-to-Fork Bingo – See if you can complete a whole row of these cooking, gardening, movement and nature activities –  be the first to call out “Bingo!”

Food Miles (Millas de los Alimentos) – How far do your favorite foods travel to get to you? Find out with this interactive map that shows where your food comes from!

Food Web Exploration – What is a food web, and how do we fit into it?

How to Read Nutrition Labels – Learn what each part of a nutrition label means and how to tell what types of nutrients you need every day.

Plant Parts Dance – Learn the different parts of the plant with this fun and easy-to-remember dance! As a bonus, the back page of this activity includes a fun recipe to show you how each part of the plant can be yummy and nutritious.

Small-Scale Gardening Tips – Need some help starting a garden, but don’t have a lot of space? We have some handy tips for you! (English and Spanish)

Soil Shake Up – Use this activity to discover what kind of soil you have, so you know how to make it as healthy as possible to grow veggies and flowers!

Spring Garden Scavenger Hunt – Ready to go explore the new life of spring? Take this scavenger hunt booklet outside and see what you can find!

Vegetable Plant Part Exploration – In this activity, you’ll learn the role of each plant part and begin to think through which part of the plant we are eating when we eat some common vegetables. This activity will also get kids moving by walking you through the “Plant Parts Dance!”

Zip and Grow – All you need is a plastic Ziploc bag, soil, and seeds for this indoor growing activity!