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Carol Gundersen

Executive Director
Carol “Cauliflower” Gundersen is a life-long picky eater whose life was changed by the work of farming. Prior to founding the Food Literacy Project in 2006, Carol’s work experience included community organizing and farm policy work, environmental and farm-based education, and two seasons growing vegetables at Oxmoor Farm.

Angelique Perez

Associate Executive Director

Associate Executive Director Angelique “Asparagus” Perez, MPH, has been a key driver of the Food Literacy Project’s impact and strategic direction since 2009, maximizing extensive experience with Farm-to-School support and obesity prevention programs. She has led several cross-sector projects, including FLP’s USDA Farm to School support services project and a recent Farm-to-School grant award with Metro Louisville Farm to Table; she was also the project director for a 2.5 year Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care Program project spearheading a new level of sophistication for FLP’s monitoring and evaluation processes. Perez holds a Master’s in Public Health, and worked with Community Farm Alliance to complete Louisville’s first community food assessment, bringing attention to urgent food security issue and helping to found the city’s first Food Security Task Force in 2007.

Alix Davidson

Director of Programs

Alix “Arugula” Davidson is enthusiastic about engaging youth in the work of justice and community-building through urban farming. She comes to FLP with a background of youth services and program leadership in a refugee resettlement context. She holds a Master of Divinity degree and enjoys time spent gardening, hiking, and traveling.

Casey Sterr

Business Manager

Casey “Kohlrabi” was born and raised in northern Illinois. He has worked with non-profits since 1986, both in the US and internationally.  As Business Manager, he assists with administrative support. He is excited about FLP’s work in the community and the remarkable staff that is dedicated to service and justice.

Jaeden Chatham

Planning Grant Coordinator

Jaeden “Jackfruit” Chatham was born and raised in Texas, but fell in love with the Bluegrass State while attending Berea College, where she studied Spanish and served as Program Coordinator for the school’s Hispanic Outreach Project. She holds a Master of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania, and is passionate about working with youth and families to understand our relationships with food, sustainability, equity, and our environment. She is thrilled to be serving as the Planning Grant Coordinator, as the Food Literacy Project expands its programs to better serve Louisville.

Rebecca Grau

Advancement Manager

Rebecca “Rhubarb” Grau brings with her a background in nonprofit management and a passion for local food.  She holds a Master Public Administration degree from the University of Louisville and a Certificate in Fund Raising Management from Indiana University.  Rebecca is an avid cook and outdoor enthusiast.

Zac Jones-Gómez

Communications and Advancement Associate

Zac “Zucchini” Jones-Gómez graduated from the University of Kentucky with B.A.s in International Studies and Anthropology. Though it was a winding path, he is happy to have landed on a farm, learning about how to grow healthy and sustainable food. He is passionate about everything related to food, and when he isn’t tweeting or Instagramming about FLP’s great work, he can be found in the kitchen recreating his favorite bakes from The Great British Bake-Off.

Kat Hartlage

AmeriCorps VISTA Community Engagement Coordinator

Kat “Kiwi” Hartlage was born and raised in Louisville, KY. She graduated from Centre College in 2017 with a BA in International Studies. After graduation, she moved to DC to learn about politics and advocacy on a national level. She recently moved back to her hometown in Louisville to create meaningful change in her community. As a lifelong South Louisville resident, she is excited to connect with her neighbors about food justice and urban agriculture in their community. Come say hi when you see her at local events, community yoga classes, and hiking around town to discuss veggie recipes and which sit-coms are worth rewatching.

Grace Mican

Program Coordinator

Grace “Green Pepper” Mican gives life to her interest in sustainable and local food systems while working with the Food Literacy Project to make her hometown of Louisville a more sustainable and just city. She graduated from Bellarmine University in 2017 with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and minor focuses in anthropology, Spanish, and international studies. Grace is a person of many passions and loves to share knowledge and learn from others when teaching and taking dance classes, trying new cooking projects, leading youth through the learning garden, speaking Spanish, making veggie burgers from scratch, and working alongside teens on the farm.  She is very excited about her role as the South Points Farmers Market Manager and hopes to see you there throughout the season!

Kira Elmer

Americorps VISTA Community Food Access Coordinator

Kira “Kumquat” Elmer is passionate about all things food and is grateful to be a part of the urban agriculture community in Louisville. She is a Washington State native and graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Art History and a minor in Cultural Anthropology. After graduation, she acquired a certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages to pursue meaningful work supporting youth achievement. In her free time, Kira enjoys hiking, baking, and rollerskating.

Danaee “Dragonfruit”

Danaee “Dragonfruit”

Youth Community Agriculture Program Crew Member

Danaee aspires to be a prenatal nurse. She is currently a freshman at Jefferson Community Technical College and also works with the Food Literacy Project. Danaee is passionate about food justice. Her favorite part of working with the Food Literacy Project is Field-to-Fork Club. She is inspired by her personal experiences to make a difference!

Fathma “Fruit”

Fathma “Fruit”

Youth Community Agriculture Program Crew Member

Fathma is currently attending Jefferson Community and Technical College for occupational therapy. She has always had a passion for helping others, and her inspiration comes from her parents. Fathma says that working with the Food Literacy Project has changed her outlook on life. “Working here has shaped my outlook on the positive things,” Fathma said. “What we’re doing and what other people are doing towards food justice, racial justice, social justice is inspiring, so I’m really hopeful.”

Jasmine “Jalapeño”

Jasmine “Jalapeño”

Youth Community Agriculture Program Crew Member

Jasmine has been with the Food Literacy Project for two years. When she is not at the farm, Jasmine attends Jefferson Community Technical College and plans to major in occupational therapy. Jasmine is inspired to work for food justice by seeing members of her community struggle to get healthy food. To her, food justice means “making sure everyone has healthy and accessible food.” Jasmine is hard-working and motivated to make a difference!

Marissa “Mango”

Marissa “Mango”

Youth Community Agriculture Program Crew Member

Marissa started at the Food Literacy Project in 2019. Before she started, Marissa considered herself an introvert, but quickly came out of her shell. One of her favorite things about working with the Food Literacy Project is getting to cook and see people in the community. She even wants to have her own culinary business one day, employing vulnerable members of the community. Her goal is to make a difference in the lives of others!

Ruby “Radish”

Ruby “Radish”

Youth Community Agriculture Program Crew Member

Ruby is motivated and works hard so that she can work towards her goal of being a nurse. Ruby first joined the Food Literacy Project after seeing how much her sister enjoyed her work. One of the most valuable experiences she has had so far with the Food Literacy Project is getting to hear all of the guest speakers and working on individual projects. “The project that stood out to me was the petition,” she said. “We each chose a different topic dealing with food injustice and mine was about food insecurity in Louisville.” Ruby says the project broadened her knowledge of food insecurity. She is inspired by the change she knows she can make in the community!