A healthy life for you can lead to a healthy life for your family. Whether you have recently started a brand new family or are trying to navigate raising healthy teenagers, these resources will provide insight on everything from food choices, exercise, sustainability, family relationships and dynamics, and mental health. We wish health and happiness to all families, and believe these practices will create either a strong starting point, or a supportive hand in the continuation of your family’s health journey.

The Mayo Clinic offers information centering around smart habits to encourage early on within new families.
The Huffington Post explains how the coveted healthy family lifestyle isn’t as difficult to achieve as one may think.
The American Psychological Association has resources that center around the psychological side of raising teenagers and how to prevent disordered habits, especially with eating/food.
The American Heart Association shares heart-healthy habits for families.
Mental health is the focus of this blog, with four traits of healthy families discussed.
The University of Utah’s health department discusses the top three components for a healthy family.
Explore health as a core family value with this article.
Help teach your family how to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.
Learn 12 ways to live more sustainably.
Ideas for teaching young children about the environment and sustainability.
Environmentally-friendly practices for young children.
How to implement easy sustainability practices in any household.
Stay healthy at home with the whole family.
Simple and powerful habits of healthy families.
Garden activities and crafts for the whole family.
More family garden activities!
South Dakota State University has family fun with gardening, including container gardening, traditional gardens, and the concept of raised beds.
Life Lab has a series of gardening activities and tips for your family.
Life Lab also teaches about composting at home and at school!
A Beginner’s Guide to Gardening by Handyman Reviewed.