Field-to-Fork is a 6-10 week after school club leading students in grades 3-5 through a discovery of holistic wellness. Through gardening, cooking, and hands-on nutrition activities, we learn about nourishing ourselves, the planet, and one another. Together, we dig in the dirt at school gardens, cook farm-fresh recipes, move our bodies, create nature-based art, and explore the world around us.

At the end of each club-meeting, students take home a share of vegetables grown by the Youth Community Food Leaders at the Shawnee People’s Garden, as well as donated pantry items from Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Markets, to practice their newfound culinary skills at home with their families. The last day of each club is a celebration; students choose their favorite recipes and cook a community meal to share with their family members.

We embrace the idea that everyone should play with their food before they eat it. Field-to-Fork Club provides a space for students to learn about growing, preparing, and eating food – and empowers them to do just that.

Field To Fork Club

For the year 2022 – 2023, we are grateful for the chance to explore with students at Portland Elementary, Hazelwood Elementary, Wellington Elementary, and the Backside Learning Center.  

Interested in learning more about Field-to-Fork Club? Please reach out to Program Coordinator, Arabella Paulovich, at