Nikki Boyd

Board President; Coordinator of Health and Wellness, Norton Children’s Prevention and Wellness
Nikki “Nutrition” Boyd joined the board in December 2019. Currently the Coordinator of Health and Wellness with Norton Children’s Prevention and Wellness, Nikki’s passion lies in ensuring that our community of kids grows up healthy and safe. Nikki joined the Board because she shares the same core values and she wants to support the Food Literacy Project in providing young people the opportunity to engage in urban agriculture, entrepreneurship, and health education. Nikki’s father was a teacher and her mother was a nurse, so naturally she followed both of their paths to become a health educator, a job she’s done tirelessly and passionately for over 15 years. Nikki grew up in Charlestown, IN, but now resides in the Beechmont area of Louisville. Nikki’s background is in exercise science, public health and health behavior. She is also a Certified Health Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. In her spare time, Nikki enjoys spending time with her family, board games, and traveling.

Luckett Davidson

Leadership Development Coach & Illustrator
Luckett “Arugula” Davidson, now a coach and illustrator and former owner of a restaurant and catering business, believes strongly in a variety of healthy, well-prepared food choices for everyone in our community.  Getting kids into the outdoors and growing and cooking food there – what an impressively empowering activity. It promises to increase the demand for diverse food choices in all our neighborhoods, making Louisville healthier and therefore more prosperous. In addition, the Food Literacy Project is managed sensitively, has a bold vision for the future and has committed and energetic staff and board. FLP is on the way to changing the world – one kid and one carrot at a time. Luckett’s background in food service and in the world of social justice and organization development has brought her to FLP.  She’s proud to do her part as a board member.
Bob Dixon

Bob Dixon

Teacher, Seneca High School
Bob “Bok Choy” Dixon is currently an educator at Seneca HS. As a lifelong learner, he has followed his interest in geography to explore how culture and the natural environment interact to create a sense of place. After extended travels in Latin America, he and his wife developed a new connection with the food they were consuming and determined it was necessary to work a full growing season. They worked on a 35-acre organic farm in Pennsylvania, solidifying a new relationship between producing food and the land that sustains life. Returning to Louisville, he became involved with the farm down the street, Iroquois Urban Farm. He feels grateful to be joining the board in 2021. FLP’s work at IUF encapsulates his interests in nature, global culture, community building, and food. He firmly believes in the mission to provide space and resources for youth to transform their communities through food, farming, and the land.
Michelle Elisburg

Michelle Elisburg

Pediatrician, Family Health Centers
Michelle “Ensalata” Elisburg joined the Food Literacy Project Board in April 2021. She has been a pediatrician with Family Health Centers at Iroquois for 15 years. She became interested in the Food Literacy Project when the Iroquois Urban Farm sprouted up in the vacant lot next door to the clinic. She wants children to have the opportunity to learn about health and nutrition and spend more time outdoors getting dirty. She is originally from Maryland and has lived in Floyds Knobs, IN for 16 years. She has incrementally improved growing her own backyard garden vegetables and believes that if children learn about where and how food grows, they will make healthier food choices later. She has two teenage daughters who learned how to cook and thanked her for teaching them to like salad.

Martha Geier

Librarian - Retired
Martha “Mushroom” Geier is a ten-year volunteer with the Food Literacy Project. A retired manager/librarian in the library software and research product industries and public libraries, she has been an active community volunteer with nonprofits that work toward social and racial justice and teen development. The Food Literacy Project is a perfect match for those commitments as well as her love of nature, fresh vegetables, and respect for those who grow them.
Michael George

Michael George

Teacher, JCPS; Founder of the Aquapunx Consortium
Michael “Microgreens” George was born in Louisville but has traveled the world and has lived in many places. Michael has worked for JCPS with families for nearly 20 years in different capacities and has taught farming and survival skills to dozens of young people and is considered an Urban Shaman to them. His love for food and farming has brought him to the Food Literacy Project. He and a few of his students created the The Aquapunx consortium, which is an organization that grows food using Aquaponic techniques (no soil). He is also one the head growers at Fifth Element Farms which mixes the love of hip-hop music and farming, located in the middle of Louisville’s West End, where he grows food to give away to the neighbors in the food insecure area.

Nancy Kuppersmith

Board Secretary; Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, University of Louisville (Retired)
Nancy “Nectarine” Kuppersmith grew up on a farm in Wisconsin where she was able to experience the benefits from gardening and farming. She was a lucky kid and is working to help other young people, who don’t have the opportunity here in Louisville, to learn from the land. Nancy graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. In 2018, she retired from the faculty of the University of Louisville, School of Medicine, Department of Family & Geriatric Medicine. She has had a private practice in nutrition since 1990.
Kurt Mason

Kurt Mason

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (Retired)
Kurt “Dirt” Mason grew up playing in the dirt on his family’s beef cattle and tobacco farm in Scott County, Kentucky. He was always amazed that his mother could tell where he and his brother were playing on the farm based on the “kind of dirt ground into the knees of our blue jeans.” His fascination of dirt led him to a long career with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, beginning while in college at Morehead State University and ending in 2020. Helping people to understanding the soil (and it’s really not “dirt”) and our connection to this fantastic medium continues to be his passion. Also a graduate of the University of Louisville ‘s MPA program, he serves on a number of boards and organizations committed to addressing natural resources concerns.

Craig Oeswein

Board Treasurer; Owner, Save-A-Lot, Iroquois
Craig “Carrot” Oeswein has been Board member since February 2019. Since 2005, Craig and his wife Jenny Kute have owned and operated the Taylor Blvd. Save-A-Lot, which is located in front of the Iroquois Farm. Born and raised in Louisville, Craig has a strong passion for operating his business with a strong community focus. Craig and Jenny have 3 children: Megan, Ellen and Henry. Craig has a degree in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis.
Annie Williams

Annie Williams

Marriage and Family Therapist, Seven Counties Services
Annie “Appleseed” Williams moved to Louisville in 2014 where she landed her first job post-undergrad at The Food Literacy Project as a Farm-Based Educator. Her love for farming and cooking truly blossomed here, and the direct service with families shaped her decision to obtain her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Annie is now a Marriage and Family Therapist and provides school-based therapy for elementary school children through Seven Counties Services.  Joining the board of the Food Literacy Project has combined her passions and educational background to do the work that her heart so loves—connecting families and youth to life-sustaining resources like food access, community, and opportunities to steward the land and the relationships that come with that.