This week we asked the crew to “talk about the responsibility that you have to yourself, your crew members, your team leaders, and to the farm. How will you use the responsibilities you have acquired here at the farm in order to grow as a person?” Read below for a response from a member of the Youth Community Agriculture Program:

The farm has given me several responsibilities that are helping me grow as a person. The skills I’m learning can go with me for the rest of my life. The work we do here is putting good, healthy foods on the tables of our neighbors. For myself, my crew members, and team leaders, I have the responsibility to do my best and to contribute fairly to the work being done. It’s a lot of responsibility to do things correctly to ensure that the food is grown properly and can reach a place where it is needed. It feels really inspiring and empowering to contribute to my community in such a meaningful way.

– Madi “Mango,” Summer 2021 Community Food Leader