The Food Literacy Project began operating on Iroquois Urban Farm (1400 Bicknell Ave.), site of the former and now vacant Iroquois Homes public housing complex in South Louisville, in 2018.

Iroquois Urban Farm is the Food Literacy Project’s 8-acre vegetable-growing operation that is staffed in large part by our Youth Community Agriculture Program. The produce that is grown was previously sold at the South Points Farmers Market at the Taylor Blvd Save-A-Lot. For the time being, that market location has been suspended while we focus on directly serving our neighbors (see below).

At the beginning of the 2020 growing season, the Food Literacy Project made the decision to partner with South Louisville Community Ministries, Southwest Community Ministries, Ag in the City, and Feed the West to distribute produce, plant starts, and activity sheets to families in the community that have been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Often, food distribution programs have limited capacity to provide clients with fresh produce. Cost, storage, and other logistics are high barriers to overcome with their limited resources. The current health crisis has increased the demand for their services and amplified their challenges. Read more about the decision here.

In 2020, the Youth Community Agriculture Program Crew worked hard to provide for their community. We had:

  • 4 food distribution partners
  • 20 types of produce grown
  • 982 household received produce
  • 2,200 pounds of food shared

We are proud of their commitment to seeing healthy and equitable communities, where people and places thrive.

If you would like to see our urban farming program in action, please contact us at Locations and directions can be found on this map.