Did you know…?  

Making a stock gift or an IRA charitable distribution is easy and can be a great way to support the Food Literacy Project, meet your charitable giving goals, and maximize tax savings.   

Even if your stocks have lost value since you purchased them you can receive tax advantages. The key is in how you give the securities. Consult with your financial advisor to see if this option is right for you. 

Please remind your broker to include your name, contact information, and any special instructions for use of the gift with your transfer. We also advise that you contact us with information about the type of stock and number of shares. Please direct information about your gift and any other questions to Jill Seelmeyer at (502) 417-2450 or jill@foodliteracyproject.org.  

Individual Retirement Accounts

If you or someone you know is 70 ½ or older, consider a tax-free gift from an IRA directly to a qualified charity such as The Food Literacy Project. This gift counts towards the required minimum distribution, and no taxes are paid on the charitable distribution.

Provide your IRA custodian with this information:

The Food Literacy Project

9001 Limehouse Lane – Louisville, KY 40220.

Tax identification: 20–5014424