Below is a list of items the we frequently use to facilitate our farm-based programs. Feel free to reach out to us for additional information or schedule a time to drop off your donation.  Or you can have items shipped directly to Food Literacy Project. Here is a link to our Amazon Wish List. Thanks for pitchin’-in!

Paper towels
50-gallon trash bags
New outdoor vinyl tablecloths
Picnic blankets
Dishwashing soap (biodegradable preferred)
Metal forks and butter knives
Half-sheet baking pans
Wire brushes and cleaning solution for oven
Flexible cutting mats
Rectangular two-string hay bales
Mason jars of all sizes (with or without lids)[/one_half]

Kid-friendly knives (like these)
Plastic reusable cups (like these)
Garden snips
Garden gloves for children
Garden hoses (the kind you can drive over)
Hose nozzle
Steel T-posts
Garden twine
Watering cans
Seed flats/trays
Seeds (organic)
Wooden pallets

If you would like to donate, please email info@foodliteracyproject.org and we can set up a delivery to the farm or send a staff member to pick up the items.

The Food Literacy Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit education organization that uses an urban farm as an outdoor classroom to engage young people and families in hands-on learning. Your gifts will help bring the field-to-fork experience to life for local youth!