“I think this was the best field trip ever... I learned that exercising and eating right helps you on an everyday basis.”


Perennial Society


The Perennial Society is a group of loyal supporters (like you!) who ensure youth and families have positive experiences with healthy food and farming for years to come.  Their sustaining support advances the Food Literacy Project’s vision:

A just and sustainable food system that cultivates healthy people and places.

Farmers and gardeners know that perennial plants come back every year.  Likewise, membership in the Perennial Society requires pledging financial support to come back every year for 5 years.



The Perennial Society was launched in 2016 to celebrate the Food Literacy Project’s 10th anniversary.  Since then, over 30 community-minded individuals have pledged sustaining support for our mission:
Transforming youth and their communities through food, farming and the land.    

You can join by making an annual pledge of any amount over the next 5 years, helping our small organization make a difference in our community for another decade!  Make your first pledge payment below, or contact Sarah McCartt-Jackson by email or phone (502-491-0072) for more information.


Oxmoor Cemetary Corporation


Ashbourne Farms


Sign 4

Porter Watkins & George Bailey

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Marcy & Tim Allman

Emily Beauregard & Will Martin

Krista & Todd Bradon

Beth Brokaw

Bryan Carter

Melissa Chipman

Samantha & Graham Clark

Alison & Charlie Crawford

Carol & Irwin Cutler

Martha Geier

Carol Gundersen & Brad Elrod

Kathy & Jon Gundersen

Patricia & Chris Haragan

Mary Ellen & Rick Harned

Melissa & Nate Kratzer

Sarah Kruse

Nancy Kuppersmith

Lakshmi Farms

Annette & Richard Manias

Fiona Martin

Gwen & Andy McMahon

Gerri Phelps

Adam Price

Kaki & John Robinson

Keri Scaggs

Nancy & Darrell Shelton

Mary Kay & Robert Sterr

Lowry R. Watkins, Jr.

Lee Ann & Brian Weinberg