Here, you will find a collection of videos produced by the Food Literacy Project for your education and enjoyment. Follow along as we show you how to cook and explore the world around you!

Apple Brown Betty – We often get requests for pie recipes at our Field-to-Fork Clubs, and this is a healthier version of something that tastes just like an apple pie!

Broccomole – This is a quick and easy way to make a delicious dip out of broccoli stems that might otherwise be discarded. It goes great on tacos or as an accompaniment to chips!

Cilantro Pesto – Special guest Marc “Melon” shows you how to make an easy pesto with any green herb you have in your pantry.

Black Bean Brownies – Who says dessert can’t be healthy? These brownies are packed with nutrients, and are naturally gluten free since you don’t use flour!

Kale Pancakes – What’s your favorite pancake topping? Whatever it is, it’ll go great on these pancakes that are a bright green from adding nutritious kale to the batter.

Pasta Party – Grace “Green Pepper” shows you how to make two different sauces that you can serve over rice, quinoa, or pasta!

Pizza Rolls – Making pizza is easier than you might think, and these individual roll-ups are perfect for a party.

Sweet Potato Tots – This is a healthy twist on a lunchroom favorite, and is perfect as a snack or a side to a yummy field-to-fork dinner!