The academic YCAP track is based at Newcomer Academy in partnership with the Accelerate to Graduate (A2G) program. We provide food and agricultural project-based learning experiences and healthy lifestyle education for immigrant and refugee students in danger of aging out of traditional high school. The program promotes healthy food knowledge and behaviors and food system engagement, in addition to helping students accelerate English language acquisition and core content learning in multiple areas. Over the next 2 school years, we will be working with Newcomer Academy students and teachers and JCPS instructional leads to develop food system-themed cross-curricular instructional resources, inquiry design modules, that take students from inquiry to action. This year, students will create their own container gardens at home and, upon returning to the school building, design enhancements to their school garden and outdoor classroom.   As part of the program in the spring of 2019, the A2G students shared recipes from their home countries to improve their English comprehension. These recipes were compiled by The Food Literacy Project, and can be found here.