“When food is processed it loses quality and freshness and they use artificial flavors, but when you get it straight out of the garden it is really good!”


The People of the Food Literacy Project

Board of Directors

  • Nancy Kuppersmith, President
  • Melissa Chipman, Secretary
  • Charlie Crawford, Treasurer
  • Emily Beauregard
  • Todd Bradon
  • Luckett Davidson
  • Rick Harned
  • Dr. Gil Liu
  • Gerri Phelps
  • Adam Price
  • Summer Auerbach, Advisor to the Board
  • Philip Ruskin, Advisor to the Board
  • John Bajandas, Advisor to the Board


  • Carol Gundersen, Executive Director
  • Angelique Perez, Associate¬†Director
  • Sarah McCartt-Jackson, Director of Programs and Development
  • Erin Hargrove, Program Manager
  • Dee Dee Flynn, Philanthropy Coordinator
  • Ryan Anderson, Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Kelli McAllister Bailey, Administrative Assistant
  • Casey Sterr, Business Manager

2018 Farm-Based Educators

  • Daniela “Dandelion”¬†Bartlett Asenjo
  • Kala “Kale” Diamond
  • Maureen Neal
  • Adrian “Arugula” Rowan