“In the vegetable garden I tasted plants that I would never have put in my mouth on my own! Altogether it was a new and fun experience for me!”


The People of the Food Literacy Project

Board of Directors

  • Adam Price, President
  • Emily Beauregard, Secretary
  • Todd Bradon, Treasurer
  • Martha Geier
  • Nancy Kuppersmith
  • Dr. Gil Liu
  • Melissa Chipman
  • Chef Jay Denham
  • Rick Harned
  • Gerri Phelps
  • Summer Auerbach, Advisor to the Board
  • Philip Ruskin, Advisor to the Board
  • John Bajandas, Advisor to the Board


  • Carol Gundersen, Executive Director
  • Angelique Perez, Associate┬áDirector
  • Sarah McCartt-Jackson, Director of Programs and Development
  • Erin Hargrove, Program Manager
  • Dee Dee Flynn, Philanthropy Coordinator
  • Ryan Anderson, Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Barbara Boughton, Administrative Assistant
  • Casey Sterr, Business Manager

2017 Farm-Based Educators

  • Sarah “Spinach” Morgan
  • Grace “Green Pepper” Mican
  • Jonny “Ju Ju Bean” Ott
  • Meredith “Mint” Degner
  • Kala “Kale” Diamond
  • Adrian “Arugula” Rowan